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Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque is helping people regain their family, friendships, and relationships from the grips of alcohol addiction. Regardless of age or background, it is possible to break free from alcohol addiction. Alcohol dependency damages families, friendships, and relationships. It’s easy to feel utterly hopeless, and those suffering from alcohol dependency often won’t know how to get help or who to ask. Fear and disgrace keep them silent, making recovery even more complicated. End the cycle of negativity! Alcohol Rehab Centers Albuquerque knows that everybody has the power to improve their lifestyle for the better, breaking free of addiction. Speak with a recovery professional about how to end dependency; call (505) 393-3968 now!

How Alcohol Addiction Hurts

The consequences of alcohol addiction begin with its damaging effects on the body, but few people know what long-term alcohol dependency can do to the mind, and how dependency affects the whole family. Among the various harmful effects on the body, alcohol addicts face cirrhosis (or hardening) of the liver, epilepsy, heart disease, dietary deficiencies, ulcers, damage to the nervous system, cancer, and death. Alcohol abuse also leads to the deterioration of mental health, and critical cognitive issues have been reported; approximately 10% of dementia diagnoses are associated with alcohol abuse. Brain function, psychological health, and social skills all wane with abuse of alcohol. The inability to recognize humor and perceive facial expressions are also consequences of alcohol abuse.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Alcohol addiction is regarded as a medical disease, and like many illnesses, it can be a powerfully destructive force. Because it can be difficult to treat such a dangerous disease, specially designed rehabilitation techniques have been developed that treat alcohol dependency. Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque treats alcohol addiction like a disease, and believes in recovery regardless if addiction is a lifelong battle, or if alcohol abuse has just lately begun. Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque, New Mexico makes the most of treatment programs that rely on fact-based methods, adjusting treatment for every person’s personal circumstances. As a leader within the rehab community, Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque uses proven solutions, like detox, individual and group counseling, healthy diversions and physical activities, and 12-step meetings.

To reach lifelong sobriety and recover from alcohol addiction, it demands the experience of a dedicated staff of recovery experts, partly because alcohol dependency is often complicated by the presence of psychiatric issues, like major depressive disorder. Too many rehab facilities treat alcohol abuse as a cookie-cutter condition, and every struggling client is prescribed the exact same treatment. The techniques at Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque are tailored to maximize the recovery process for each and every client. These programs are affordable and effective, ranging in length from 28 days, 60 days, or 90 days. These affordable treatment programs are completed in comfortable, spacious outpatient lodgings that offer the same quality care found in expensive inpatient facilities.

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The advantages of sobriety aren’t limited to physical health and emotional wellbeing – Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque helps addicts recover happiness, family, friends, success, monetary security, and so much more. Although dependency can be an overpowering force, many alcohol addicts and abusers fight for sobriety and win. The first step towards recovery is hard, and can be much tougher due to the overpowering quantity of information found on TV and the Internet. Alcohol Rehab Albuquerque can help when you contact one of their alcohol addiction recovery specialists. Knowledgeable and compassionate experts are available 24 hours a day, so call (505) 393-3968 now!